Sewer & Septic Tank Cleaning & Repair Service

Sewer CleaningSewer Cleaning & Repair

Sewer repair isn't a service that should be done with contractor with minimum experience. There are many sewer contractors in Nassau & Sufflok County. Ensure you choose licensed sewer contractors to perform ANY sewer repair in your home or commercial building. Not doing so could cost you hundreds in the future!

If you are experiencing a clogged sewer line and know that a sewer clean out is in order, call us. We have the background knowledge and experience in sewer relining, sewer line replacement, sanitary sewer overflow and can provide a sewage treatment plan.

SepticSeptic Tank Cleaning & Repair

The Suffolk County Department of Health recommends "cleaning the system every three to five years to prevent the septic tank from becoming overburdened with sludge and scum which will then flow out into the cesspool..." Eventually clogging will occur when solids find their way into the system. A clogged septic system will fail to function. Septic tank treatment is a smart preventative choice and a septic maintenance program will insure against the high cost of septic system problems. A septic inspection will help determine what is needed. Septic cleaning is one septic service that will be part of the septic system maintenance program.

NYC License # 1501

Nassau License # 1924

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